The Cat Strikes One

This morning, I awoke to the sound of a bull elk bugling across the way. In previous mornings we have heard cows and calves as well.  South of our property, perhaps 20 yards, is an elk run which hundreds of elk use annually.  The property across from us has acted as a sort of elk preserve for decades, but the land is in new hands now.  We’ll see what happens next.

I was also pleased to find a dead mouse under our bed upon waking. I was so proud.

A neighbor with a bachelors in zoology told me that cats will chase mice to make their owners proud, and admonished us to lavish affection on the cat who completes the task.  So I did, and it’s funny.  Winter will go out of her way to hunt when I’m awake and asleep, but it does seem strangely as if she’s doing it for us.  What a good girl.

The dead mouse now sits in her breakfast dish, which I hope gets the point across that she’s more than welcome to eat it.  That would help our feed costs.

 photo DSC03875_zpsp1pnqfwg.jpg
 photo DSC03873_zpsfvd3dxt5.jpg

I am continuing my permaculture education with Paul Wheaton’s podcasts, of which he has produced over 300 hours.  Although he offers them free online you can get the whole shebang here, with:

  • All 4 of the Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 4-DVD set
  • All 3 of the World Domination Gardening 3-DVD set
  • 340 podcasts which includes the rocket mass heater podcasts
  • +more.

For our fall project we plan to build a Rocket Mass Heater on the dollar, since a winter’s worth of firewood sits ready for us already, but with the effort of a little construction we can make that wood last five years instead of one.