Six Mile Homestead

We made it.

Our new homestead, on six acres. A dream come true.

We hope to use this property as a permaculture experiment, a design site. We are learning as we go, and this is how we can share. Please follow us!

What is permaculture? It is growing your own food; sustainable living; stewardship of the land; a design science; and philosophy of living; and a lot more. It’s about interrelationships in the landscape; a way of living; low input with high yield systems; and a better way for humans to co-inhabit nature in symbiosis (a mutually beneficial relationship). It is closely related to the field of agro-forestry, in which perennial, living food-forest systems replace traditional agriculture and all its negative impacts through soil depletion, landscape deprivation, chemical malfeasance and subsidized yields (especially over time). Permanent + Agriculture = Permaculture.

Let me make one note. Paul Wheaton ( mentions in podcast 002 that people who have not formally taken a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) should not use the word Permaculture. We’re going to do that anyways. We hope the community will forgive us, as we’re growing into this. We want to share our journey along the way.

Yes, I do intend to take a PDC as soon as possible. I’ve also listened to hundreds of hours of Permaculture podcasts and am reading Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual (a stout, nearly 600 page textbook sometimes considered the functional equivalent of a PDC, minus field time). Take that as recompense, please.

Anyways. Enjoy!